Petersburg electronics journal #1 of 2019

The new issue of the Peterburg Electronics Journal has been released.

The journals published articles in such areas as the quality and reliability of electronic components and electronic components, production of electronic components, etc., as well as the most interesting reports of the International Scientific and Technical Conference "Certification of Electronic Specifications-2019" - Ways to solve the problems of providing modern electronic equipment with reliable electronic component electronics base.

You can see the contents and annotations in the section “Issues for 2019”.

Specifications for ECB of "QCD" category quality

     There are recommendations for specifications for specialized electronic component base of "QCD" category quality to be implemented in special equipment and other limited applications.
     For recommendations click the link.

Open doors week - 2019

Following a tradition, in April 2019, JSC "RSRI "Electronstandart" opened its doors to welcome todays schoolers, students and applicants giving the youth an opportunity to become a part of the real sector of economy in the future, develop themselves, their region and the country in general. This year, the "Open doors week" was attended by 110 people - the students of the eighth and tenth grades of the Moskovsky district schools, the Radio Engineering College and the Baltic State Technical University "VOENMEH" named after D.F. Ustinov.

"ECB Certification-2019" conference. Outcome

On April 17-19, the scientific and technical conference "Ways of solving the problems of providing modern radio-electronic equipment with a reliable electronic component base" ("ECB Certification-2019"), organized and conducted by JSC "RSRI "Electronstandart", was held in St. Petersburg.
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